Engaging and supporting communities is a valuable goal to us. Becoming an Enabler of Tomorrow will not only put precious resources in your hands, but will also ensure that you benefit from our relentless effort to help you grow your community and your career in immersive tech.

The purpose of the program

  • Lead your VR/AR community to global recognition and increase access to VR/AR knowledge and resources like hardware and software

  • Lower the barriers to VR/AR tech for your region - especially when you are located in a developing region

  • Connect your community to other communities worldwide for collaboration

  • Network with other VR/AR Enablers, share resources and get to know about fellow VR/AR community members around the globe

  • Organize hackathons, meetups, events and access sponsored VR/AR equipment

What the program offers you

  • Free access to 52 VR/AR labs worldwide

  • A chance to have your community equipped with hardware and software by VR First

  • An official, recognized position description for your public profile on LinkedIn, Xing or else

  • Be named an Enabler of Tomorrow and get introduced to VR/AR companies worldwide

  • Matchmaking and events with our global network of research and industry experts

  • Discounts and free passes for VR/AR events worldwide for most active enablers

  • Joint funding applications to public programs for incentivizing global initiatives and augmenting local state of VR/AR

  • Access to XR Expert Circles (www.xrcircles.com) network. Nominate experts of your region or join one of the circles

  • Support with the setup or renovation of VR/AR labs and facilities in your region with special discounts and donations

Your responsibilities

  • Grow, engage and connect your VR/AR community globally  

  • Be the representative for your region and spread the word about your community’s achievements

  • Host, promote and attend VR/AR events in your region

  • Come up with innovative ideas on how Enablers of Tomorrow can best support your community

  • Take your promotion activities for VR/AR development and adoption to the next level

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